Introduction The logistics and fulfillment of an e-commerce business are the lifeline of any company. It is crucial to have a plan in place that ensures your customers’ orders will be delivered on time, every time. When it comes to logistics, you need to consider everything from shipping methods to […]

Introduction You’ve heard it before: the internet is a powerful tool. With the right website and social media presence, your business can earn exposure to millions of potential customers. The key is knowing how to harness those opportunities in a way that benefits your company and its bottom line. In […]

Introduction Orca is my online store. We sell handmade goods and help connect people who want to buy something special with local artisans. I started it as a small business, but now we’re growing fast! As such, one of the biggest challenges we face right now is payment processing. Payment […]

Introduction I started my first e-commerce business when I was 16 years old. I had no idea how to start an online store, much less succeed in the e-commerce industry. But over the years, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons that will help anyone build their own successful online presence. […]

Introduction Personalization is one of the most important, yet complex, aspects of eCommerce. It’s not enough to simply give your customers a “one size fits all” experience—you have to really get to know them and use that information to provide an individually tailored shopping experience. This means using data analytics […]

Introduction You know that moment when you purchase something online, input your payment information, and then you get the dreaded “processing” message? It’s not just frustrating; it takes time away from your customers and can even cost you money. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify this process so that both […]