Introduction Personalization is one of the most important, yet complex, aspects of eCommerce. It’s not enough to simply give your customers a “one size fits all” experience—you have to really get to know them and use that information to provide an individually tailored shopping experience. This means using data analytics […]

Introduction When it comes to sustainability, long-term thinking is essential. The future of sustainability lies in our ability to act with long-term vision. Long-term thinking helps organizations save money and reduce waste; it also helps you better understand your customers’ needs and wants. Longer timelines give you the opportunity to […]

Introduction Interoperability is the term that describes the ability of systems to work together and share information. Interoperability is critical for achieving the vision of connected care, where all providers are able to communicate seamlessly and patients have access to their health records at any time. However, achieving interoperability requires […]

Introduction The holidays are a great time to connect with your employees and show them that you care. You can boost morale by making sure everyone has an opportunity to take vacation, reminding them of the importance they play in your business’s success, and more: Encourage employees to take vacation […]